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Freehand Eyes for Living Coral & Grey Mani Swap Circle – Feb 2019

It’s time for another Mani Swap! I did a Freehand Eyeballs mani in Living Coral & Grey for Mani Swap Circle – February 2019 edition. With a touch of white and black for the details.

The colours were Living Coral & Grey in homage to Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019.

Buff & Polish - MSC Living Coral & Grey Freehand Eyes


I was assigned to do a mani from MileJoh (@_hechas_por_mi_) and the mission is to recreate one of their original manis, so I chose this Funky Eye / Eyeball nail design. [When I say original manis, it means not ones that are  already swaps or recreations of someone else’s.]

I chose to do this because I’ve wanted to recreate something freehand for aaages, but the MSC colour schemes don’t often allow for that. Thankfully there was enough contrast in these colours to make it happen finally. And thankfully I’d done this one straight away so before I ended up incapacitated (splint). Yay! Hope you all like it 🙂

Buff & Polish - MSC Living Coral & Grey Freehand Eyes


I forgot to do it on a smooshy background, but I added a stamping image as close to the one used in the original that I could find in a pinch – since I have no idea what was used. This is another reason why I love when people list the items used and always do it myself – super helpful so people can recreate hehe.

Here’s a look at the Original mani I chose to recreate:


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You can swipe through the slides in my Instagram post for this month’s entry to see the group collage and the series.


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And that wraps up my Freehand Eyes for Living Coral & Grey Mani Swap Circle – Feb 2019, for this month at least. We’ll be back next month with another. Hopefully I can paint by then! Also back soon, been quite under the weather lately.






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Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 – Living Coral (matching colours & nail polish suggestions)

For the first article of the new year, I’m looking at the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 – Living Coral (with extra details & nail polish suggestions). I have listed matching colours that go with Living Coral, suitable polishes and given some detail on the inspiration, and how to paint mix your own! It’s such a cheery, “tropical vibes” shade. The official tag being:

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge

And the promotional video that was released is below:

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Wondering who or what is Pantone?

Pantone is used in the printing industry and is a system that was developed for matching colours accurately – it used in specifying printing inks. I’d photograph some Pantone swatch books (I have some old ones in storage), though here’s one showing the colour chips.

It is often referred to as ‘PMS’ (meaning Pantone Matching System) or ‘spot colors’. And based on the CMYK printing. I prefer the latter, which doesn’t sound like its burdened with Lady Problems.

The Pantone colours contain mixing formulas, so a printer can correctly achieve that same colour no matter who prints it, and it will appear consistently across all printed materials. Professional companies will use Pantone colours for things like branding and logos that require the colour remain the same always. Now that little side lesson is out of the way…


This colour is definitely a vibrant, yet mellow shade. There are so many variants of Coral – some swaying more orange, some more pink. Living Coral is a reddish-orange hue that is a mix of orange and red with a touch of white – very easy to recreate when mixing with acrylic or oil paints (formulas below).

From the Pantone website:

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.

In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.

So this year’s colour choice represents the fusion of today’s modern living: a hue that appears naturally in our environment, and the “lively presence” of it that exists within social media.


Each year for the last 20 odd years, Pantone selects a Colour of the Year that sums up a trendy, influential colour. There’s a process of thoughtful consideration, and lots of trend analysis that takes place in order to make the selection. The colour experts conduct international research looking for new colour influences.

Their sources can be found in the entertainment / film industry (including movies in production), new artists and art collections, all facets of design, chic travel destinations, and current lifestyle trends, of course fashion, and even socio-economic conditions. New technologies, kinds of materials, textures, and other areas that impact color have also been considered.


Matching Living Coral with Other Colours

Especially with fashion and nail polish, it is nice to pair colours with other good matches. Coral is a flattering shade for such a wide range of skin tones and hues, but sometimes you just want to use it with as an accent colour.

Here is a list of shades that can work nicely with Living Coral to give you some inspiration:

  • Coral & White – a cool, vibrant, classic match
  • Coral & Off-White hues – Such as beige, cream, or eggshell, to tone down the brightness, but still keep it classic
  • Coral with White & Gold – sophisticated
  • Coral & Sage Green – a dusty kind of vibe
  • Coral & Mint – for a brighter, tropical feel
  • Coral & Teal – an acquired taste for some, a more mature choice
  • Coral & Emerald Green – think flamingos in the tropics, this one works a treat
  • Coral & Turquoise – a bit of a bright, retro style
  • Coral & Navy or Dusty Navy – nautical with a twist
  • Coral & Cobalt Blue – a hot combo
  • Coral & Light to Mid Grey – a different neutral, with a slight 80’s twist
  • Coral & Pink – feminine and floral, you can use a variety of pinks to pair – neon, pastel, cool toned
  • Coral & Warm Medium Yellow – sometimes found in nature, this combo is nice and Summery
  • Coral & Vibrant Yellow – for a louder and brighter Summer set
  • Coral & Purple tones – a little different, and not to all tastes. Try with lilac, violet, mauve
  • Coral with Rose Gold highlights – nice and subtle, if you pick the right rose gold
  • Coral & Pastel Peach – for one take at a tone on tone look
  • Coral & Buff Nude (beige brown) – a nice off season combo, that is fairly warming
  • Coral & Charcoal Grey – a darker alternative; where black can be too dark the grey tone adds balance

Mixing Your Own Living Coral Shade

As mentioned, Living Coral is a mix of orange and red tones with a touch of white. There a several ways to mix your own shade if using acrylic paint or nail polish. You could also mix gel, gel polish or paints, with caution.

Though, if mixing gels or gel polish please only mix from the same brand. This is really important! Due to the different composition and ingredients of various gel polishes, mixing gels from different brands (and sometimes different lines from the same brand) can potentially cause service breakdown, lead to improperly cured gel and enhance the possibility for allergic reactions amongst other issues.

Some basic formulas to mix your own:

  • Basic Gist: Mix red and orange, lighten with white
  • Mix a rose red and warm yellow, lighten with white
  • Mix a scarlet red and lighten with white. Can also add a touch of bright or warm yellow to adjust the coral to suit.
  • Mix a cadmium red and yellow, lighten with white a little at a time. Experiment with yellows for various warmths or hues.
  • Mix a vermillion (red-orange) with a small amount of white

Always dd the white a little at a time and lighten till you get the shade you want, you don’t need much to get a darker coral. The different reds and oranges (listed above) will produce varying shades of coral, so play around to find the one you want. Or use the different formulas depending what colours you have on hand.

My personal favourite outcome is using cadmium red. If using polish, you can simply find the best match to each off a colour chart, if you are unfamiliar with the technical shades.


Nail Polish Suggestions for Living Coral

Thanks to the universally flattering tone of this shade, there are a few polishes already in existence that closely emulate this shade of coral. Some come close enough. I have written a shortlist below of the ones I can think of. That are already available as of now. I am sure more will be released throughout the year as usual. Links are to the maker’s site.


Starting with the obvious, Butter London has been Pantone’s official US beauty partner for a number of years, and have released a 6pc set – 3 mini polishes and 2 make-up items.

LINK (non-affiliate)

OPI – Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya

This shows the Infinite Shine version.

LINK (non-affiliate)

OPI – Time For A Napa

From the 2017 California Dreaming Collection, this one is more on point than the slightly pinker previous shade. This shows the Infinite Shine version.
FIND ON EBAY (non-affiliate)

LeChat Dare to Wear – Sunkissed 

Splashy neon pink orange cream finish from the Oasis collection.

LINK (non-affiliate)

Essie – Tart Deco

Described as a dreamy coral with an artistic burst of color, it is a lighter but still flattering coral.

LINK (non-affiliate)

Dior – Coral Crush 445

A darker coral that has a gel effect.

LINK (non-affiliate)

Revlon COLORSTAY GEL ENVY™ – Pocket Aces

This definitely pulls a little more towards a pink coral in many lights, so it’s not exact, but it’s close enough to include for those who prefer pinker bases.

LINK (non-affiliate)

That’s concludes the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 – Living Coral (details, matching colours & nail polish suggestions) article. Hopefully it helped spark some inspiration! Do you like this choice for colour of the year? Leave your comments and thoughts below 🙂


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Coral Cheetah Geometric & Studs Nail Art

Channelling Coral for Pantone in this Coral Cheetah Geometric & Studs Nail Art! It’s not the total correct shade, but it comes as a precursor to my first feature article for the year (for this website anyway), that will be posted in the coming days if all goes to plan.

Excuse the absence and delayed posts, I’m stuck wearing a splint and it makes everything harder than it already was… So lots of resting and trying not to use it. Don’t even ask. I’m a little over it already.

Buff & Polish - Coral Cheetah Geometric with Studs nail art


I knew what colours I wanted to use but let the idea unfold as it went along haha. Freestyling… I also wanted to do some of my beloved geometric style, and since I hadn’t really been able to do much lately, it was all mashed together in the one thing. Turned out alright, might not be to everyone’s taste though. I’m not really fazed.

Buff & Polish - Coral Cheetah Geometric with Studs nail art


It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of matte finishes, so I had to sneak it in here too. I think it suits the elements better that way and makes everything look nice and crisp. Plus being easier to shoot on a day where everything was so bright and reflective is a bonus.


And that concludes my Coral Cheetah Geometric & Studs Nail Art Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂




  • Live. Love Carnaval – OPI
  • Wild Whilte Ways – Essence
  • Calypso Gold – Hit The Bottle


  • Studs
  • Liner Brush
  • Tropical 36 – MoYou London
  • Holy Shapes 19 – MoYou London


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Gradient in Coral & Pagoda Blue Mani Swap Circle – July 2018

Hey ho! Another month, another Mani Swap! I did a Gradient in Coral & Pagoda Blue for Mani Swap Circle – July 2018 edition.

The colours were Coral and Pagoda Blue which is more of a blue leaning teal. I didn’t have the exact same shade, either ones that were too blue or too green-leaning, so I used the next best thing (OPI). Not a snowball’s chance in hell I was going to mix my own colour correct shade either – not after all the tech bullsh*t I’ve had plaguing me since mid-June haha. Barely had time to paint nails and time was definitely not a luxury this month! Again.

I was assigned to do a mani from Bri (@_colorfulbri_) and we are supposed to recreate one of their original manis, so I scrolled right back to this gradient topped with glitter. When I say original manis, it means not ones that are  already swaps or recreations of someone else’s.

All my glitter top coats are flakies, chunky or too holo, so I used the closest thing I could find from Sally Hansen. Sure it has some chunky hex bits, but it has a similar iridescence that isn’t OTT holo. Close enough!

I’m not completely sold on the exact shades I used here, they looked more well matched in real life, but since one of my lights also went (yep, more tech SNAFUs), it throws off the colours slightly. Ah well, you get the gist.

Here’s the Original mani I had to recreate…

You can swipe through my IG post to see the collage and the series.

And that’s my Gradient Mani Swap Circle offering. See you next post! If my electricity or some other thing doesn’t break down between now and whenever the next post is scheduled, pfft!




  • Is That A Spear In Your Pocket – OPI Infinite Shine
  • No. I14 – El Corazon
  • Snow Globe – Sally Hansen


  • Makeup sponge

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