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Ristretto, Café Series Soak-Off Gel Polish & Tools – Born Pretty Review

I was sent a gel polish form the new Café series released by Born Pretty store. So here is my Ristretto, Café Series Soak-Off Gel Polish & Tools – Born Pretty Review.

EDIT: Finally! Website now fixed. I apologise if you haven’t been able to see recent posts since early June – the techies broke my website and it was not showing new posts or images correctly 🙈🙈 It has finally been (mostly) fixed. It just adds to the run of super-frustrating tech problems I’ve had since May, that resulted in me falling sick. So if you can see this post, consider the website working.

I am featuring a BORN PRETTY Café Series Soak Off Gel Polish, ITEM NO: 42873. In the Color : BP-C08 Ristretto (listed below as ‘Deep Nude’ in the colour chart).

Let’s start with the intro video then swatches of this @bornprettystore gel series! (will add the Instagram video when it’s live)


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There’s also other taupe and coffee-inspired brown shades in this @bornprettyofficial series – with names such as Macchiato, Cafe au lait, Espresso, Americano, Mocha ☕☕☕ Gawd, I don’t need to tell you how much it made me feel like caffeine! 😂

If you love warm brown shades like me, you should enjoy this series. I particularly like wearing brown during the colder months like Autumn and Winter. It just feels cosy to me. 😍 See the set of 12 below ➡️

BP Cafe Series Colour options 2 BP Cafe Series Colour options 1

I’ll have swatches with nail art to show you in the next posts, but here’s a preview of the other items that came with this gel. I received a no-wipe top coat, a cuticle oil in Peach flavoured scent and a gel removal tool. Let’s look in detail…

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Tools & Gel

The top coat I received is a glossy UV top coat from Born Pretty brand. Item number: 42885 option 2. I’ve used this product before and I always like a no-wipe top coat over one that has a sticky dispersion layer.

You can use these top coats for purposes of adding chrome pigments and I just like that they reduce the mess involved in removing any uncured gel from the nail. It also means less chance of getting an that uncured gel on the skin. Which is great for reducing chances of over exposure. So no-wipes versions are my favourite.

This particular topcoat cures in 1 minute under an LED light, and would use to top off my gel polish swatches in the next post.


Cuticle oil in Peach flavour…

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Cuticle-Oil

Showing the brush applicator heads – BornPretty Cuticle Oil

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Cuticle-Oil

BornPretty Cuticle Oil in Peach

The Peach cuticle oil is mildly scented and not overpowering. I have used these before and really enjoy using cuticle oils in pens. This one you twist the end and it releases just enough cuticle oil to cover the skin without it getting everywhere. You can then apply it with the built-in brush and wipe it into the skin grooves very easily.

It’s really handy for keeping in your handbag to use throughout the day, as well as giving better control. I haven’t ever found them to leak, unlike some of the roller balls style pens, and I much prefer the brush applicator anyway. That way I don’t have to use my fingers and get oil everywhere if I don’t want to while I’m on the go.

These cuticle oil pans also come in various flavours including unscented, almond, pineapple and a few others.

Peach Cuticle Oil Pen - Born Pretty Review & Flavours

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Gel Removal Tool

I also received this gel removal tool. One end has the BORN PRETTY logo and a metal sphere, and the other end has a triangular shaped metal-head. This tool is intended to be used to scrape softened gel off the nail.

I’m very wary about using metal implements on the natural nail, as they can scratch the surface and remove layers if you’re not careful. So you do need to make sure that the gel you’re trying to remove has been properly softened or soaked in acetone, and not use any force when using the metal tool to remove the gel on natural nails. It should never be used on stubborn or stuck gel areas, but only the bits that are ready to come off and have started lifting.

This will ensure correct removal WITHOUT damage to the nail. Remember, it is not the product that ‘wrecks’ the nails, but user error – usually with incorrect removal or impatience at this stage.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Gel Removal Tool

It’s got a pretty rainbow titanium style finish and I like the colour. It matches the tweezers and stampers and other similar items I have with the same finish from Born Pretty brand collection of tools. Handy for using over hard enhancements.

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.

And that concludes my Ristretto, Café Series Soak-Off Gel Polish & Tools – Born Pretty Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.


Name: Ristretto, Café Series Soak-Off Gel Polish
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Number: click item numbers for direct links, or search them

Item Type: Various
Colour (or family): Warm Brown (polish)
Size: 6ml / 0.25oz

Usage Notes:
Applied well in 2 coats, nicely pigmented. Very glossy with the supplied top coat with no wipe finish.

The Verdict:
See above. Recommended for lovers of brown or anyone who wants some chocolatey warmth for Winter and Autumn.

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

Item Number: Listed above – Find it at BornPrettyStore.com (*you can click number for direct link or search the number at the website)

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  1. Taiji 19th June 2019 Reply

    these remind me of chocolate bars! I like brown polishes too but not all of them suit me. I’ll have to try this one on me next time

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