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Rainbow Holographic Transparent Stamper – Born Pretty Review

Today I’m excited to show you the new Rainbow Holographic Transparent Stamper – Born Pretty Review. It’s such a cool looking stamper and I was sent one to share with you all. I’ll have some art examples to show you next, but I thought this deserved a post of its own. It’s like a galaxy of stars!

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

This recently released item is a transparent nail stamper which comes with a rainbow handle made of metal and a clear jelly head for stamping. There are two versions the version I have here is the holo infused transparent head but you can also get a simple clear traditional head [See Item Number: 45934 – at BornPrettyStore.com]


Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Look at that holo! 😍 – BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

It has an open end – BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

If you asked my opinion, I definitely say go for the holo version. Look at how it sparkles! 😍 It’s still clear enough to see through after all the holo glitter. I actually really like this stamp! The only time you might want to look for the clear head is if you have any vision issues or really need the extra clarity for very fine detail. But if you’re working under a bright light this should be less of a problem.

Born Pretty Store Rainbow with Holo & Clear Stamper Head

Born Pretty Store image of Rainbow with Holo & Clear Stamper Head

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Sideangle – BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Metal handle itself looks like an anodized titanium coloured rainbow surface with lots of pinks, purples, blues & greens on my particular stamper. Colours may vary slightly because the process of colouring the steel produces quite random effects.

It’s a well-thought-out stamper. The metal handle is about the size of a shot glass and is very similar to the original sticky stampers released by Creative Shop and similar vendors several years ago.


Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Metal Handle – BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

It stands about 40mm (4cm) high without the stamping head, and about 55 mm (5.5cm) with the stamping head inserted.

The base of the stamping handle, measures 25 mm across, and is cut-out so you can see through the barrel for more precise stamping placement when transferring to the nails.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper


I was really keen to see what the jelly head would be like on this when I first got it. I’ve used plenty of other clear jelly stampers in my time – from expensive ones to cheaper ones, and various ones in-between. The cheaper ones normally have a more firm feel to them when compared with the ORIGINAL Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling, which is super soft and quite fragile but stamps beautifully.

This Born Pretty stamping head is the closest of the more affordable stamps that has properties and a softness that is similar to the big bling. It is not as fragile and not the same, but is the closest I’ve seen in a non-branded clear stamper and it still really impressed me. It would be the perfect option for someone wanting a high quality clear jelly stamper, but maybe can’t afford brand name items.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Holo Stamper IN ACTION

New Born Pretty Holo Stamper IN STAMPING ACTION


The head on this product is slightly sticky, making it easy to pick up the polish and transfer. Mine required no priming whatsoever much straight out of the proverbial box. But I recommend you handle it gently and with care when touching and inserting the jelly head due to it’s softness.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Demo of how see through it is – BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper


You will want to know with it’s increased fragility and as with all clear stamp ahead you do not want to use any acetone on this item. It can cloud the clarity and can harm the jellyhead after doing it too much. It’s cheap enough that you can easily replace them, but also wasteful when you can clean with tape or a lint-roller.

See the rundown section if you are having issues with pick-up.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Actually really loved using this item, and had no trouble picking up any of the images on the stamping plate I received with it. The next post will have more info on that, with a mani that was created with this stamper.

Buff & Polish - BornPretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Read my final thoughts below. Otherwise that concludes my Rainbow Holographic Transparent Stamper – Born Pretty Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this item.



Name: Rainbow Handle Holographic Transparent Stamper.
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Number: 45934
Item Type: Clear Jelly Silicone Stamper
Colour (or family): Rainbow / Holo
Size: 5.5cm tall

Usage Notes:
Simple to use and this clear stamper would even be a good choice for beginners, with it’s slight tackiness. Clear stampers are more for stampers with a little experience.

Mine did not need cleaning but if you find it does, gently wash it with soapy water or a soft dish-washing liquid and let it air dry. Be careful putting it back in the holder, as it can break if you are too hasty. Remove stamping excess with tape or a lint roller instead of acetone.

The Verdict:
Most info was contained in the body of the text.

To summarise: I think Born Pretty did really well with this one. I think it is my new favourite stamper from their brand specifically, alongside this version; in terms of  the quality, feel and stamping ability. Looks are a bonus. I highly recommend it particularly the Holo version, as you can see from my images it’s quite mesmerizing.

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

Item Number: 45934 – Find it at BornPrettyStore.com (*you can click number for direct link or search the number at the website)

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    Love your holographic polishes.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 17th April 2021 Reply

      Thank you, there’s something special about Holo 😍

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