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Geometric Lines on Metallic Copper Base

Guess I should pause with the ‘online window shopping’ and post something, eh?

Today’s mani is on a metallic copper base. I just felt like some simple freehand and opted for basic geometric lines in varied triangular shapes. How good is a metallic polish?


I would have gone for a thinner line, but my skinny brushes are MIA at the present moment, so you get this for now. Lines in white acrylic for ease of use since polish tends to dry too fast to paint intricate things with without having to pour out more. Also I don’t like to mix my brush heads up between paint AND polish.

And since I’m such a multi-tasker, this very handily doubles as a catch-up for two challenges:

  1. Clairestelle8 Challenge: @clairestelle8challengeΒ for Day 26 of #clairestelle8nov was Geometric.
  2. 31 Day Challenge 2016: Day 16 of the #31DC2016Β was Geometric theme.

Ergo, geometric lines. Bingo!



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