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Pop Art Style Plate Review – Born Pretty Review

Hey! Today I have a Pop Art Style Plate Review – Born Pretty Review Item, which was one of a few things I recently received from bornprettystore.com. It’s a round stamping plate with all kind of pop culture cartoon imagery.

Buff & Polish - BPS Pop Art Plate Review


I just did it over a simple background as I wanted to wear something not too busy and also use my new favourite OPI blue, Tile Art To Warm Your Heart. Which is from the Lisbon collection earlier this year. See the full review below in the box.

Buff & Polish - BPS Pop Art Plate Review

The diamond on the pinky was coloured in using Color Club Halo Hues – Harp On It. A classic silver holo polish form years ago when they were starting to become all the rage. It’s a great polish though it washes out the diamond in the images.

This is the Born Pretty promotional image so you can see the stamps a little more clearly in just black and white. There’s lipstick, nail polish, rainbows, bows, singing cactii, even a unicorn amongst the bows, shoes and stylish pineapples.

BPS Plate Item Number 39700

BPS Plate Item Number 39700

And the plate as it looks without the other text.

Buff & Polish - BPS Pop Art Plate Review


And that concludes my Pop Art Style Plate Review – Born Pretty Review images. See my full thoughts below!

Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂



Name: Born Pretty Round Stamping Plate BP-127
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Number: ITEM NO: 39700
Item Type: Round stamping plate
Size: Approx. 5.5cm

Usage Notes:
The plate is etched well and I had no issue picking up the images. I reverse stamped after colouring them each in on the stamper, and a silicone mat to make a decal out of the WOW stamp. Some plates I find have shallower etching with the imagery, but thankfully this one did not have any such issues.

The Verdict:
I like the different images. Some I will never use but it is different to many plates I have so I will be using it again. I like the cartoony pop art style and the fact it stamped well, so for me it was a good item to have in the collection.

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

Item Number 39700 – Find it at BornPrettyStore.com (*you can click number for direct link or search the number at the website)

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  1. Kayleigh 25th November 2018 Reply

    I saw you post this on Insta, I really like the stamps on this plate. Thats maybe the best blue I have ever seen. <3

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 30th November 2018 Reply

      Thanks, it’s a lovely blue from OPI 💙💙
      The stamping images on this plate are different to many so it appealed to me as well.
      I recommend them both if you like blues and pop art style.

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