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Opallac Shampers – Gel Polish Swatch

Finally getting to play catchups on the posts. Had a slight technical issue and some urgent life stuff to deal with. Here is the imagery for Opallac Shampers – Gel Polish Swatch that you might have seen in Instagram during the 31 Day Challenge, as I used it for a base in the Artwork inspired theme.



Name: Shampers – available here or select Priceline (AU) stores
Brand: Opallac
Collection: A Little Sparkle Collection
Colour (or family): Champagne
Type & Finish: Shimmer
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
It’s a champagne shade, with a slight hint of sparkle. Threw some shadow in there so you could see it more. This was 2 coats with top coat (and base) for full opacity 💅 Find it at Opallac online or in-store and online @pricelineau 😉

Application should be done with a little more care, as due to the shimmer, you may get brushstrokes. They aren’t noticeable in general wear, but if you like symmetry, you may just want to paint it on slower. Shake this shade well before application to mix it.

The Verdict:
It’s a pretty shade, if you want something neutral with a hint of sparkle. You can see brushstrokes slightly here since I’ve taken a close up shot with some shadow, but if you apply it carefully, you really cannot notice them in real life. I didn’t and still got comments, no one even mentioned that aspect. But just worth mentioning in case you were wondering.

It’s a good shade for evenings, or paired with black or gold, but not so loud you couldn’t wear it day-to-day.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:

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