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New Year’s Eve Nails 2017

New Year’s Eve nails to ring in 2017. A long lasting gel mani is perfect to ring in the new year. Using Mirror Mirror Opallac base, this nail art is the result..

Hey ho, New Year’s Eve nail time! 💍 When you need nails that last the distance, a gel mani is the answer. 2016, you’ve been brutal. But you will not steal my shine! 😜 

To achieve this look, involved a few steps:

  1. I built upon the silver foil base, Mirror Mirror by @OpallacGelPolish that I showed earlier
  2. Mask off a thin strip lengthwise down the nail using striping tape or nail vinyls as I had done on the middle and ring fingers
  3. Paint a strip of Harp On It – @ColorClub silver H💿L💿, then remove tape
  4. Add dots of top coat as glue, then adding a range of diamanté, metal, pearl & crystal charms 💎 – you can “flash cure” these for each layer for 20-30 seconds inthe Opallac supplied 7w LED lamp. Flash curing under stronger lamps would only require 10 seconds in a 36w LED lamp, or 20-30 seconds in a UV lamp.
  5. Apply a decent covering of the gel in crevices to hold everything in place, but not so much that it spills out the sides of your charms. Cure for a full 90 seconds in the Opallac 7w LED lamp.
  6. The glitter accent is Showered In Diamonds – a silver glitter gel, also by #Opallac. It was painted over silver base generously, cured for 90 sec in the Opallac lamp. Top coat and cure again for 90 secs.

It fits with the @Clairestelle8challenge New Year prompt #clairestelle8christmas #chrome #newyearseve for 30th December. Click the tags to explore them on Instagram, or the handle to join in and follow.

Tutorial videos will be split into two parts and have been added further down the page.


Bottle shots if you are looking to purchase. You can buy direct from Opallac or Priceline if you are in Australia. Opallac ship internationally, but use the website.

Here are the two part tutorials for my New Year’s Holiday Nails:

So happy almost new year! How will you be spending yours??





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