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Floral Dotticure, Cranberry & Grey ManiSwapCircle – November 2018

It’s time for another Mani Swap! I did a a floral dotticure recreation mani in Cranberry & Grey for Mani Swap Circle – Nov 2018 edition. The colours were Cranberry & Grey with White for highlights.

Buff & Polish - ManiSwapCircle Cranberry Grey


The original was in matte and whilst I love that finish, I preferred this shimmery base as is and it would’ve been lost to a matte top coat, so I kept it glossy. Loved this month’s colour scheme!

Buff & Polish - ManiSwapCircle Cranberry Grey

I was assigned to do a mani from Cristina and Silvia’s joint account (@yeswenail) and the mission is to recreate one of their original manis, so I chose this simple Floral Dotticure. Hope you guys like it! [When I say original manis, it means not ones that are  already swaps or recreations of someone else’s.]

I thought this would look great in the limited colour palette that was this month’s main theme.

Here’s a look at the Original mani I chose to recreate:


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You can swipe through the slides in my Instagram post for this month’s entry to see the group collage and the series.


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And that wraps up my Cranberry & Grey Mani Swap Circle – Nov 2018 for this month. We’ll be back next month with another.





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