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Cuticle Nipper Protector With Buckle – Born Pretty Review

Quick look & review of this very handy Cuticle Nipper Protector With Buckle from @BornPrettyStore (thankfully these were in some of the images I have access to whilst the drive is kaput and in Tech Hospital), though they look a bit darker than the ones I had processed, but since I haven’t got much else to post, this will have to do.


It’s a handy little item designed to keep those unruly nippers from falling open all the time as they tend to in travel or transit. And definitely comes in handy to prevent accidentally prodding yourself when they do.

They’re ITEM NO: 41732 on www.bornpretty.com – I have the WHITE option, but there’s a red and a black version too.

I recommend them for general storing of your nippers and clippers, and I can see them being particularly handy for mobile nail techs as well. It measures approx 32mm across and 50mm deep and is so simple and inexpensive.

The buckle on my one was pretty strong and didn’t feel like it would break or pop off, which I had slight reservations about before it arrived, considering how affordable this item is 🌞



Name: Cuticle Nipper Protector With Buckle
Brand: Born Pretty
Item: ITEM NO: 41732 on www.bornpretty.com
Colour (or family): White
Size: 32mm across and 50mm deep for the main pocket.

Usage Notes:
They’re made out of some cheaper leather material but seem sturdy enough for my purposes.

The Verdict:
If you were opening it constantly then it might show some wear but for this extremely cheap price point, you could just buy several and be done with it when needed. I don’t think it will be much of an issue for general use and protection.

Purchase Links & Info:
ITEM NO: 41732 on www.bornpretty.com.

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