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Bettie Pain – Woodstock in My Mind, Swatches & Video

Today’s swatch is the last of the non-thermals from @bettiepainpolish’s LDR collection, and one of my favourites: Woodstock in My Mind.


This is a beautiful blue – cool as ice, with flecks of holo, but warmed with a vein of gold shimmer running through it 😍💙


Shots have been taken in slightly different conditions to capture the shimmer & holo effects 🌟⭐ I love how this one looks in the new bottles, the logo is really cool and I’m a huge Bowie fan so I love the touch with the lightning bold “i” in Bettie. Here’s a close-up for your eye-gasmic lust.


Yes, I took quite a few of this beauty haha. How can one not? It’s something I’ll be wearing repeatedly I’m sure – being the blue lover I am.


VIDEO OF Woodstock in My Mind 💙 Also it’s the last swatch of the non-thermals  to show you from @bettiepainpolish’s LDR collection, and also one of my favourites. Like I haven’t said that already…!

More to come 💖🎈 😘



Name: Woodstock in My Mind
Brand: Bettie Pain – International purchases from Shiro Cosmetics based in the US
Collection: Lana Del Rey lyrics-inspired, 2018
Colour (or family): Blue
Type & Finish: ‎Creme with Holo
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
Another with a show-stopper. In a gorgeous denim blue. 🔥 Flawless 2 coat application, and one of my favourites! This is the bomb.com! Shown here with 2 coats with a top coat. No issues and it dried really fast as many in this collection seem to thanks to the ingredients, which is an extra little bonus.

The Verdict:
This is yet another one of the standouts in the collection so far. Blue is one of the best colours there is IMHO, so it’s not hard for me to love this one. I know there are a bunch of you out there, so if you love blue, you’ll love this one. Add it to your lemmings list now.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
None spring to mind.

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