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31DC2017 Day 22: Colour – Feral Dry Brush Pink, Gold & White

I didn’t know what else to call this nail fail. So here ya go: Feral Dry Brush in Pink, Gold & White. I love all these polishes, just not the outcome…of this, this, whateverness.

The 31 Day challenge has finally hit the final leg! The “Inspired By…” section. 31DC2017 Day 21 prompt is inspired by a colour. I did a pretty shitty dry brush in pink, white and gold, ergo my title. Gawd, pretty sure I don’t like how this one turned out, but when it’s left to the last minute, you’re already behind and you’re completely knackered, it’s better than nothing 😂 Ok, maybe not in this case.

This was originally intended as a base on which to add some hand-painted detail, buuuut as I didn’t quite get that far, this is what was left. So enjoy this half finished mani fail 😁  I should probably quit whilst I’m mostly ahead hehe.




  • … a headache?

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  1. Zara TracesOfPolish 30th September 2017 Reply

    I actually really like how it turned out! It’s both delicate and pretty with the matte finish and the gold sweeping in from the side. I especially like the pointer and ring fingers.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 20th October 2017 Reply

      Oh thank you Zara, that’s sweet of you 😊
      I am still half-obsessed with matte nails.

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