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31DC2016 Day 21: A Colour – Black Heart

Black Heart is the theme for today’s prompt in the 31 Day Challenge – which is Inspired by a Colour. This day I went with black. Classic, sleek, and time saving! I used Cuccio gel polish – it’s colour rich in two coats and lasts for a decent length of time on me if wearing normally for longer than a few days…


Done in gel polish with a simple effect of negative space and some gold studs encased in the gel. I neatened up the lines using a brush dipped in pure alcohol before curing under the lamp so there were no dodgy smudges.


Woo! At least I made it today. See you again tomorrow, I hope.



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  1. Zara TracesOfPolish 24th September 2016 Reply

    A simple look but really edgy and eye-catching!

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