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31DC2016 Day 20: Water Marble – Sorta

Hello! Miss me? I did, no knowing where I was from one moment to the next and rushing around like The Flash…it was hard to catch up with myself.

Enough of that, I am back for the 20th installment of the 31 Day Challenge, which I had to stop suddenly. Lucky I did this water marble. Because I had a couple of nasty nail breaks in there. And whilst I actually managed to shoot most of the ones I missed in the last week, I had no time to edit them to Instagram size or watermark them.


This water marble was done with the China Glaze neon collection

The plan is to catch up on the last week maybe when I am done with the rest if that is possible or for days where i miss one. I know it is doing it all out of order and annoying so I’ll work it out. Bit of catching up to do…haha. On this, on social media and everything else in general. Will still go an have a look at the other posts I’ve missed out on when I get some time. FOR NOW, IT HAS BEEN HECTIC!!


This is a simple flower watermarble. These things aren’t my strong point considering the water, and environment around here, so conditions aren’t always optimal even if I use some good demineralised store bought water. Ah well, we can’t be great at them all, all of the time. I started dotting and was going to go pointilist, but stopped. Hated it. And couldn’t spare the time. So here is my ‘sorta’ water marble.

And a bottle shot of the 4 main colours that were used in this li’l shindig. Polishes from the 2015 Electric Nights Collection from China Glaze were the lucky chosen ones for this mani.


So a recap of the challenge prompts and what each day entails can be seen below. I missed a week whilst I had people here helping and people everywhere ferrying things back and forth – and in the leftover hours I’d get a couple of hours sleep. Not the most ideal conditions and I am still going, but finally have a couple of hours to post ‘something’ which is what I am doing here. Will try to keep up more frequently with the last leg… though I warn you that I did have two nasty nail breaks and they are not pretty, so might have to use Cindy hand.


Are you all still sticking in there? I will catch up on what I have missed when I have a little time and see for myself, but good luck to those who are still in there 😉



  • Red-y To Rave – China Glaze: @chinaglazeofficial  #ChinaGlaze
  • DJ Blue My Mind – China Glaze #CGclique
  • Treble Maker – China Glaze
  • Glow With The Flow – China Glaze
  • HK Girl Top Coat – Glisten & Glow


  • Cuticle Defender – Latex from El Corazon

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  1. Maddy 20th September 2016 Reply

    So cute 🙂 Good job!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 21st September 2016 Reply

      Thanks Maddy 😀 Considering it is probably one of the things I am more average at haha

  2. Midnight Stamper 21st September 2016 Reply

    Glad to see you back. I love all the bright colors on this! So fun and happy.

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