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31 Day Challenge 2016! (Well, Sort Of)

Time again for this year’s 31 Day Challenge 2016! (Well, Sort Of). Well sort of because I am inundated! More on that in a bit. I have made time to do a few simple nails, but haven’t had time to watermark/crop or edit videos, let alone post anything. So excuse my absence. Hopefully it makes your heart grow fonder…?

Things have definitely been hectic. I already run on the scent of an oily rag, powered by caffeine; so when all the extra stuff that I had to do was made worse by people being unreliable, everything went to shit so to speak. Moving suuuux! And has left me little time to do the therapeutic, fun things – such as nail art. My poor tools and polishes – I can hear them crying in their Helmer’s at night. They think I’m neglecting them. Lucky there isn’t a protection agency for neglected polishes – I’d be almost getting prosecuted.



I always do this challenge and had planned to do it again, but thanks to life’s unexpected curve-balls, am being forced into dealing with other things right now. I will post what I can, but no guarantees cos I am completely overwhelmed with the fun of moving and juggling a billion terribly timed things at the moment. Maybe it’s a billion-and-eight? For me it’s the 31 day challenge within a 64 day challenge. Thanks Murphy, for your out-dated laws!?

Little annoyed? Hells yeah! The initial plan was to post a month of manis, then follow with the videos. Plus, part of the ‘fun’ of this 31 Day Challenge thing is seeing what everyone else does in real time, as well as managing to do the whole thing (and then not changing your nails for 10 days after day 31 as you’ll never want to sniff acetone and lacquer again). Feel me? I may or may not catch up on the ones I miss at a later date when things settle down.

Join in! It’s open to anyone and is a lot of fun. Use the hashtag #31DC2016 on social media, post on blogs, Insta, even FB, and Twitter.

You can read an in-depth FAQ from Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails. As well as grab the prompt images like the one above to use on your blogs/social pages.

Cathy from More Nail Polish has an Inlinkz linkup – get the 2016 codes here. This will show some of the other 31DC2016 participants on your blog wherever you add the code/widget – and you can add your own daily post to the feed so you also appear on others. Great way to connect and see what everyone is doing.

Good luck y’all and I look forward to seeing what you all manage to do.

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