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PR & Advertising

Buff & Polish is a PR friendly space. Buff & Polish is happy to work with other brands for pre-launch announcements, collaborations, competitions or giveaways, swatching, and/or to accept products for review from public relations reps or brands.


Products for Review

Receipt of a product, whether it was solicited or unsolicited, does not establish a contract for a published review of the product. This of course may vary with items subject to other pre-agreed to terms.

Buff & Polish does its best to accommodate uploads in a timely manner, though simply receiving a product does not guarantee a favourable review, or any review at all. Reviews are completed based on an honest assessment of the product/s, though delivered with constructive feedback.

Products are assumed to be gifts/commercial samples sent for consideration and whilst effort is taken to ensure suited products are accepted, shall be featured at my own discretion. Though Buff & Polish does its best to present features in a timely manner, unless a timeline is agreed upon (or is time-sensitive such as with Collection pre-launches), the product can be reviewed anytime from receiving it.

PS: I would like to note that if sending polishes for swatching or review, I do prefer to be sent full sized bottles where possible. This is primarily due to the fact it allows me to take far better product shots – better looking shots in general, to comfortably hold the bottle in hand, and be able to advise on ‘real world’ application (such as being able to accurately comment on the same elements that buyers would use, for example the same brushes).

Usage Rights

All content, photos and images that appear on this site or its related social channels remain property of Buff & Polish. This includes when photos and images appear or are posted on the internet. Feel free to feature them in lists or reposts, however anyone who does so is required to keep the watermark in place and properly credit the work – such as with a link back to the original post if featured on a blog or website, or mentioning the Instagram handle @BuffAndPolish if reposting on Instagram.

For brands and companies: where a product is provided for review, you have permission to use the watermarked photos in your online store, website or social media channels if you wish to do so on the proviso that you provide a link back to this blog or Instagram account, (unless otherwise discussed).

Commissioned or professional work, swatches or nail art wanted for use in things such as print advertising, packaging or commercial items will be subject to different agreements, however Buff & Polish retains all copyright. Existing work may be licensed for usage without watermarks for remuneration or other agreed terms. If needed for print, I can often provide higher resolution images. I recommend contacting to discuss your requirements.

If you have any other questions regarding these policies, feel free to reach out.






Buff & Polish is open to relevant advertising so long as it is not intrusive. There are various kind of banners and spots are available for limited time promotions or ongoing. For further enquiries or to express your interest please contact Lia Lacquerista via the contact form.

Professional Collaboration Projects

Buff & Polish is open to commercial collaboration projects, with relevant brands and companies whether local or global. I have experience in various design fields and enjoy collaborating when opportunity permits. It is best to contact me using the contact form with your ideas or proposals and we can start a conversation.


For business enquiries not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.