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Drag Marble Gel Nail Art

Ready for Friyay with some Opallac Poochy #gelnails nail art. Sure #onwednesdayswewearpink but weekends felt left out, so for this weekend only, On Weekends We Wear Pink. With white and silver highlights of course!

This cheeky on-the-nail drag marble uses @opallacgelpolish French Affair white & Mirror Mirror chrome on Poochy (shown earlier). You may be graced with a video tut later if this one survived the aliens (see last post)

The shades used above are below:

I’m a day early for #clairestelle8jan Circles prompt, but if Claire can do ‘neon 17th Century’, I can do a Deconstructed Circle ⭕🔴 Since this pattern started with a series of dots ••• let’s call it artistic licence 😉

I’m posting it late here, but you can keep up to date on Instagram.
Will post the video when I have the energy to edit it. Here’s yo video-oh-oh!



  • French Affair (white) – Opallac
  • Mirror Mirror (chrome) – : @opallacgelpolish, on
  • Poochy (pink) – #opallac


  • Thin nail art liner brushes, non-descript

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  1. Polish Perfect 17th October 2017 Reply

    Compared to other gel nail polish like Essie, and Zoya, do you think Opallac is better?

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