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Cosmolicious Smoosh Gel Nail Art

I woke this morning with my face mashed into my pillow, and that’s the perfect way to describe the technique I used for this smooshed, abstract nail art over Cosmolicious from @opallacgelpolish. See below for info about the 2 day sale if you live in Oz.

There’s a video to come of this smoothly smooshy gel polish mani at the bottom. It also uses a handful of shades from @el_corazon_shop – names of which I’ll add to the jump box.

Here’s the tutorial:

Above is the slower YouTube video, please go and subscribe – I could really use some motivation to YouTube more 😁 Plus it sucks having a ridiculously loooong URL, which you can only change when you hit a minimum number of followers, so that is my other main reason. No pressure, but thank you!

In the meantime, just wanted to let you know (2nd pic if you saw it on Instagram) that you can pick up this shade and the entire range of Opallac for 40% off in Priceline’s huge cosmetic sale. This includes the gel polish STARTER KITS that include the Opallac lamp, which is a @pricelineau exclusive 😳 The sale runs for 2 days only 22nd & 23rd March ✨ So you’d wanna hurry. It is also 40% on all cosmetics. FYI. You may be lucky online if not already sold out 😉




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