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Buff & Polish’s ‘Gimme Stuff’ Giveaway – March 2019

UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who entered. The Giveaway has now ended. I will be processing all the entries over the next day or two and will announce the winners once the draw is done! Keep an eye on this post/the website, and my Instagram (my feed, stories, and the original post) 😊

I’ve been meaning to do another giveaway for ages. This was planned for earlier, but since that didn’t happen, what better time than October, er, November no, wait, March? It’s waaay later than I’d planned but better late than never right? Riiight??

Some of the original prizes went missing and things got very hectic, so I put it off and am doing it now (more on that SNAFU later). I’m sorry it’s a few weeks aeons late as I hurt my back, then screen broke and couldn’t computer. So I will just get into it then.

EDIT: please note the newly updated entry method for Instagram, after they stuffed my tags up.

This is the Instagram promo image for reposting 🙂


There are THREE things to win. 2 are international and 1 for Australia only. So, if you live in AU you can win any of the 3. If you live elsewhere you can win 1 of 2 international items. The three prizes are (please note not everything is pictured due to my current injury, these shots were taken earlier – details on missing items further down):

  1. A Customised prize (chosen by me at the time) and most likely sent directly you. This may include nail products, nail art tools and supplies, and/or related items picked at my discretion. Things I think you’ll enjoy – INTERNATIONAL
  2. Mix of Nail & Care items including latex, stamper, stamping plates, foils, stickers, etc – AU ONLY due to weight & restrictions posting liquids
  3. A mix of Nail Art supplies, including stamping plates, foils, stickers & decals – INTERNATIONAL

There are various ways to enter. Instagram only or via this page – which gives you more chances to win. Enter on both = you have even more potential to win. Yo, I’m all about the extra 😉

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for more entries and chances to win.

(see prizes in more detail below)


To enter via Instagram:

  • Like AND Leave a comment on the ORIGINAL IG GIVEAWAY POST
    • Comment your location/country. Also what kind of hobbies, nail art styles & techniques you like too 🙂
    • Get 1 extra entry for each person you tag (in your caption) – though it’s not essential for entering
    • Get 10 extra entries for recreating one of my manis (I do have simple ones too! 😁) – multiple entries allowed.
  • You must be following @buffandpolish on Instagram. And have a public account between – now and 24th March 2019.
  • You may enter once a day via this method – Instagram post here.
  • For extra entries & chances to win via Instagram:
    • Simply repost the image in THIS INSTAGRAM POST (also shown above) – 3 entries
    • You must mention me @buffandpolish in the caption (do not tag me on the photo), and mention your location/country. Also mention what kind of hobbies, nail art styles & techniques you like too.
    • You must use the hashtag #BAPGiveaway2019

To enter via the Blog:

  • Leave a comment below, mentioning your country and what kind of hobbies, nail art styles & techniques you like, AND
  • Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter your details

FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN you can optionally complete other tasks VIA THE Rafflecopter Widget Below!

Optional extra ways to boost your chances of winning:

  1. Follow on YouTube
  2. Follow via Bloglovin’
  3. Follow via Twitter
  4. Post about the giveaway (you can do this daily for more entries)
  5. Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this daily for more entries)
  6. Follow on Instagram
  7. Repost via Twitter
  8. Recreate one of my manis (I do have simple ones too!) – NOTE The widget lists 5 entries per recreation (app restriction), but you will get 10 entries for each completed recreation!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:

  • Ends: 11:59pm AEDT (Australia) 20th March 2019 / 1pm GMT (UK) / 9am EST (US) 21st March
  • No purchase necessary. All prizes are paid for and provided by yours truly.
  • Winning entries will be chosen at random and must satisfy entry conditions.
  • Winners will be announced shortly after close via Instagram and this website – if you entered via the Rafflecopter widget, you will be contacted by the email you entered or provided.
  • Winners will have 48hrs after contact to reply or respond. If there is no response, another winner will be chosen.
  • Items will be shipped out thereafter. Buff & Polish cannot be held responsible for any issues with shipping, wrong addresses or lost items. Any taxes that may arise are solely the responsibility of the winner.
  • We fully respect your privacy. Information entered into the widget will not be used for any other purposes besides administering the giveaway.
  • It would be nice if you could keep following after the giveaway, but you won’t be blocked.
  • Prizes marked AU Only can only be shipped to Australian addresses due to weight restrictions. If you’re international but want the prize AND have family or friends in Australia who can receive those prizes for you, you may write ‘Australia’ in the ‘where are you located‘ question in the Rafflecopter widget.
  • All information correct at time of print, though we reserve the right to correct errors if need be.
  • All under 18’s, need parents permission to enter.
  • No affiliation with Instagram, Twitter, or other entities.
  • The Promo is not associated with, endorsed, sponsored or run by Instagram. Nor are they responsible for any part of said promotion.


Now the third prize I threw in there because as I mentioned, some of the earlier original prizes went missing so I missed my first posting date. Then things got very hectic, so I put it off again, and finally ordered some replacement prizes. Which I got, but they arrived completely destroyed! 😞 Which sucked because it involved HOLO items. Literally looked like the Predator had tried to feast on them, and unfortunately they were all in the same parcel.

Sadly it means none of the prizes get the holo themed goodies, and don’t look as fun (sadface) but I’m not trying a 3rd time. So I’m curating a third prize instead…!

Here they are (what’s left of them) in more detail: (some items missing from pictures of prize 2 & 3)

The items missing from the images are:

  • Prize 2 also comes with: Latex finger stamping guard, and a surprise.
  • Prize 3 also comes with: a few more full image nail stickers, more foils & guides, nail decorations…

I hope to do more giveaways in 2019 so stick around.

Enter your comments below, and good luck!

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  1. Avatar
    becnailart 7th March 2019 Reply

    I’m in the UK, my hobbies are reading, playing music and obviously painting my nails a lot haha. I’d love to be able to do freehand nail art but I’m really not very good at it

  2. Avatar
    Sheri Adelman 8th March 2019 Reply

    Im from Philly in the U.S and I just started doing my nails as a hobby last May!!!! It was the best decision I ever made. I love the nail community and seeing how talented everyone is looking at all the amazing nail art thats created. I am def a stamping kind of girl! But I cant freehand to save my life, foils, stencils and decals are my best freinds too.I love using glitters and different color stones to add something extra in my deaigns. My dog Piper is my other hobby. She has a ton of energy and likes to play all day so im constantly having fun playing with her. Ty for hosting the giveaway and ty for giving me the chance to enter😘

    • Avatar
      Samantha Sammbnails 20th March 2019 Reply

      I wish I would have seen this earlier… Would have loced to recreate a mani of yours but sadly seeing this hours before closing that’s not possible 😔 I’m in the USA and i love stamping (especially reverse stamping) and free hand (although i dont do too much of it cuz I keep buying brushes that I only get one real good use out of before they are dead imo from all kinds of different shops 😢) thanks for the opportunity!! My hobbies other than nails include mahjongg which i play every week on Tuesday, bingo every wednesday, getting together with friends and family for a card/game night and just some good old fashion time with my animals 😁

  3. Avatar
    Miyuki 12th March 2019 Reply

    Hello, i’m from France.

    I love trying some nail art though i’m not yet having enough tools to do it as beautiful as others do. I like stamping and. I see many nail arts using matte polish abd glitter ones too, that looks amazing and i’d like to try it. I like to discover things so in all way i love this creative hobby

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway😊

  4. Avatar
    Karen Swaby 12th March 2019 Reply

    Hi, I’m from Jamaica.

    My hobbies are reading, anime and manga, Netflix and of course, nail art! My favourite techniques are nail stamping and smooshy nails. 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Jackie 12th March 2019 Reply

    Hi I’m from the Netherlands!

    My hobbies are nails, sewing little flowers and playing the flute! I like your blog 🥰

  6. Avatar
    Sharvari 13th March 2019 Reply

    I’m from India and my current favorite nail art technique is the drag marble nail art!!😍😍

  7. Avatar
    Zara TracesOfPolish 14th March 2019 Reply

    Thank you for this giveaway and your always creative nail designs!
    I’m based in Sweden and am happiest when kicking back on the sofa with a glass of wine and some good company😊. I paint my nails a couple of times per week, and like to experiment with new techniques, generally sticking to a colourful scheme! I’ve used your designs as inspiration more than once 😍

  8. Avatar
    Rajeeva Jayaratne 16th March 2019 Reply


    I am from Sri Lanka.
    This would be for my sister.

  9. Avatar
    Sarah Tassé 20th March 2019 Reply

    I am from Canada. My hobbies are spending time and playing with my daughter and also doing my daughter nails she is a nail fanatic and she is only 7 oh boy. I also love doing nails I have my diploma for but I had to stop for a while, but I really want to start again. If it makes any sense I feel free when I do nails I get to clear my head and enjoy doing them. I also love watching video and tutorials there are so many talented nail artists and it gives so much inspiration watching them. I am not very good at freehand but I love everything from stamping, to foils, to stencils, adding glitter or colors or textures pretty much anything. I want to aslo thank you for this amazing opportunity you truly are a lovely and generous person I wish you all the best and I hope that people show you the appreciation you deserve.

  10. Avatar
    Cassandra D 20th March 2019 Reply

    United States. I like gel and glitter nail art.

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